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Duke Ellington

Active 1920s - 1970sBorn April 29, 1899 in Washington D.C --Died May 24, 1974 in New York, NYJazz/ New Age Pop/Rock/R&BDuke EllingtonEdward "Duke" EllingtonEdward Kennedy "Duke" EllingtonEdward Kennedy EllingtonDuke Ellington was the most important composer in the history of jazz as well as being a bandleader who held his large group together continuously for almost 50 years. The two aspects of his career were related; Ellington used his band as a musical laboratory for his new compositions and shaped his writing specifically to showcase the talents of his band members, many of whom remained with him for long periods. Ellington also wrote film scores and stage musicals, and several of his instrumental works were adapted into songs that became standards. In addition to touring year in and year out, he recorded extensively, resulting in a gigantic body of work that was still being assessed a quarter century after his death.Ellington was the son of a White House butler, James Edward Ellington, and thus grew up in comfortable surroundings. He began piano lessons at age seven and was writing music by his teens. He dropped out of high school in his junior year in 1917 to pursue a career in music.

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SS5H5 The student will explain how the Great Depression and New Deal affectedthe lives of millions of Americans.C. Discuss important cultural elements of the 1930s; include Duke Ellington,Margaret Mitchell, and Jesse Owens.


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Duke Ellington


Duke Ellington live perfomance (1943)





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