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Social Studies

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Dublin is the largest city in Ireland with over 1 million people.

Dublin is an old Irish Gealic Phrase that translates to black hole.

The video shows restraunts, churches, pubs, and touristspots. The video also displays what they eat and drink in Dublin.

Fast Facts ~Dublin is the capital of Ireland!~Dublin Natives speak a cross between Dublin slang and curse words.~Dublin is 44.5 square miles.

DublinBy: Adam Williams

This is the main site of Dublin, Ireland.

This is Dublin's Coat of Arms!

Dublin's local food.

Dublin, Ireland is a casual and formal city. People there never wear crop tops or short shorts. Finally, they wear all colors exept for neon colors.

This is the local map of Dublin.

Coco pop french toast is the number 1 like food in Dublin.

This is a regional map of Dublin.