Duane Syndrome

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Duane Syndrome


HISTORYWho Discovered it:Jakob Stilling When was it discovered:1887How was it discovered:Was tested in Jakob's lab and he noticed a pattern in the genes

Who's AffectedFrequency: 1 out of every 1000 people get Duane SyndromePopulation: Younger people are more likely to get Duane Syndrome than older people because around age ten is when Duane Syndrome is Diagnosed

Jakob Stilling

Type of MutationMutation is genetic on the CHN1 geneCytogenetic Location of CHN1: 2q31.1 It is a point mutation

Descriptions ' Symptoms1. Can't move eyes outward2. Cant move eyes inward3. Mostly one eye affected4. Sometimes two eyes are involved in disorder5. Is present in humans from birth

An adequate drawing example of Duane Syndrome

To the right is Alexander Duane. As you can tell, Duane syndrome is named after him. He was the man who perfected an example of Duane Syndrome which is why the disorder is named after him.

Treatments1. Eye muscle surgery2. Eye therapy3. Driving mirror aidsPrognosisWill require driving aids (special mirrors to help them see in different angles)In extreme cases, eye surgery will be needed

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