Drums,Girls, and Dangerous Pie

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Drums,Girls, and Dangerous Pie

this book is realistic ficton becasue, all of the characters are normal humans and everything in the story could happen to real people in real life.

Drums, Girls , and Dangerous pie

ConflictThere are many conflicts in this paticuliar story, but the main conflict is when Jeff get dignosed with lukenmia. All a sudden, Steven's world turns upside down. His parents disapeard, his dad is home but never talks to Steven and his mom is always on the go with Jeffery. He stops paying attention in class, and that really affected him in many ways.Read the book to find out how he resolves all these conflicts.

Setting The story takes place in two main places. Steven's middle school where he got most of his help that he needed. Steven's house is also a main setting in the story, where he spends all of his free time and mostly where he practices for his concert comming up soon.

Breath taking...

Many plot twists that will blow your mind

realistic ficton

Character The main character of the story is Steven Alpher. Steven's personality is always caring. For example, Steven really needed to be tutored in math, and Steven's crush , Renee, was the only one who volunteered to help. After arriving to stevens house she turned out to having a cold. Jeffery, Steven's little brother has lukenmia, if Jeff caught Renee's cold, it could increase Jeffery's risk of death. So Steven did the thing he should of done... he wouldnt let Renee enter his house. so he made Renee walk all the wayback home through the snow. Unfortanley, Steven failed his math final. Caring was a perfect character trait becasue he put Jeffery's needs before his.

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I would gladly read this book over and over

I chose a picture of oatmeal because, Steven was making oatmeal for Jeffery when he fell off the stool and thats when the familiy took Jeff to the hospital.

I chose a picture of the drums becasue, Steven plays the drums for the All-City Jazz Band.

I chose a picture of signed drumsticks becasue, Steven had a pair of drumsticks that were very valuble to him, and he also gave his specail drum sticks to his new friend he met , Samantha.

ClimaxThe climax of the story is when Jeffery fell of the stool while Steven was making oatmeal. Becasue of that event, Jeff's nose wouldn't stop bleeding so his parents took him to the hospital. Thats where it all began...


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