Drugs are bad and Rondo is awesome

by jonahfriedman
Last updated 8 years ago

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Drugs are bad and Rondo is awesome

Red Ribbon week

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drugs are bad, mkay

Do drugs, you shall not.

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Awesome people like me dont do drugs, so be awesome, like me, and dont do drugs.

Not taking drugs lets me guard lebron, sort-of...So if you want to be able to guard lebron, dont do drugs

drugs..and the Miami Heat...you make me sick to my stomach.

Rajon Hates drugs

Rajon Hates drugs

Rajon Hates drugs

dunk drugs into the trash, like i dunk the ball into the basket

takes a sec to play music, just wait

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Dont do drugs animoto

Rajon voki

by, Jonah Friedman


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