Drugs & Alcohol

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Drugs & Alcohol

How dose alcohol affect me?

DWI laws in texas

1st offense:

3 to180 days in jail/ 2,000$ fine/90 to a year with no license.

30 to 1year in jail/4,000$ fine/ 180 to a 2 years with no license.

2nd offense:

3rd offense:

180 to 2 years in jail/ 10,000$ 180 to 2 years with no license.

Affects Alcohol has on the body.

:It increases the risk of devolping cardiovascular dieseases, hbp and stroke.:A long term drinker other known as a heavy drinker have a high risk of there kidnes failing : the most leading cause for birth affects because of the mother drinking while the babbies is in the womb.

Stage 1. Drinks alcohol to relive stressStage 2. Your body devolpes a need to drink more and more and spends more time wandering when he can geet his next drink.Stage 3. They drink out of control, and without alcohol they will have physical andmental pain.

:leading cause of death it, also cause a decline in all mental functions

The Stages of alcoholism


Treatments usually involve short or long term stays at a recovery facility.some recovery programsfor people who have a drinking addiction and there families and friends include alcoholics anonymous (AA),Alanon, alateen an adult children of alcolics (ACOA).


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