Drug and Alcohol

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Drug and Alcohol

90% of adults with drug or alcohol problems started using before the age of 18, and half before age 15!

Drug and Alcohol

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Drugs and Alcohol

11 million American adolescents ages 12-29 need help with drug and alcohol problems.

Kids' brains are not fully developed until age 22-24, making them more vulnerable to the effects of drug/alcohol

-Alcohol-Bath Salts-Cocaine-DXM-Ecstacy-GHB-Hallucinogens-Heroin-Inhalants-Ketamine-LSD-Marjiuana-Meth-Mushrooms-Over the Counter Drugs-Prescription Drugs-Rohypnol-Salvia-Spice -Steroids-Tobacco/Nicotine

Some students have a special vulnerability to drugs/alcohol that might be hereditary or they might have friends that use drugs/alcohol



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