Drug and Alcohol Use Effects on Family

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Drug and Alcohol Use Effects on Family

Drug and Alchol Use Effects on Family

Children under 18 can end up using these substances from influence of their peers or family. Sometimes they are stressed and find relief and numbness through drugs and alcohol. 40% of 9th graders said they had consumed alcohol before they were 13 and 11.6% have consumed marijuana before they were 13 in the US. Statistics have shown that the students that do not use these substances have a better grade average than those who do. If the child has any siblings, they can influence them to also become substance abusers and they also bring conflict between parents and the whole family. Using alcohol or drugs as a child until you are 21 or older will increase body dependence on the drug, making it difficult to stop the addiction and it will also increase crime rates.

A parent is the role model to their children, increasing the infleunce they have over the substance abuse the child will make in the future. 6.6 million children live with at least one alcoholic parent in the US. 27% of fathers are alcoholic while 11% of mothers are alcoholic. A parent alcoholic and/or drug user is 50% more likely to have their children be influences by the same substance they are abusing. The use of alcohol or drugs prevents parents from helping their children at school, negatively affecting their academic performance. It also impacts the parent user as he or she can end up losing their job or going to jail for their irresponsible behavior. They are also more likely to do domestic violence crime under the infuence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Parent as a User

Child as the User

The first step are the Three C's: they did not cause the addiciton, they cannot control the addiction, and they cannot cure the addiction. They can only show support to the user to stop their addiction. As a family, they need to go to a family therapy where they can discuss their feelings and let go of stress or anger over the user. The family will learn from this and prevent addiciton from occurring in future generations. If the parent continues to drink alcohol or your child continues to consume drugs you separate from them or prevent further usage by raising awareness. There also needs to be more awarness at home and at school incase the child does not receive enough awareness in either places. The children also have to be protected so if it is necessary to tell the police that your brother, sister, husband or wife is beating their child, it must be done.

What is it?When a family member succumbs to the temptation of drugs and alcohol, it negatively impacts the family as a whole and individually. It influences members to live a similar lifestyle with substance abuse. 43% of Americans are relatives to alcoholics and drug users. There is also the 50% risk of genetics that evolutioned to influence addiction to drugs and alcohol for future generations. The substance abuse of alcohol and drugs are usually caused by :-conflict with another member(partner,child)-economic issues-past trauma-violence

6 Roles in the FamilyThe EnablerIs usually the parent or oldest child that is not using the substance and makes up excuses for the one who is using the drug, they try to fix their mistakes, and deny the user's addiction.The HeroIs the member who assumes the responsibilty to keep the family together. They are always giving support to the non users to prevent the family from falling apart.The ScapegoatThey are victims of the issues that goes on with the user and family at home. Due to the anger and frustration this member receives they reflect this anger out in the community like school or work.The MascotIs the member that will try to make everyone happy through the sacrififce of putting up a happy facade to keep the rest of the members calm.The Lost ChildThe member that isolates themselves fom the chaos at home and the real world through small minimum social interaction.The AddictThe addict is the one who causes the anger and suffering in the family due to their unsual behavior with their addiction. They are pressured to stop but react with more anger.

Real Life Story of A Family that was Impacted by Addiciton

Solutions for Families


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