Drug Abuse

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Drug Abuse

Illegal Drugs

I choose to live a drug free life because it causes addiction which makes you rely on the drug. I do not want to depend on something to make me feel good that could put my health in danger and take over my life. Once I start doing illegal drugs, I will have to keep doing them to satisfy my addiction, and I want to live a life free of drugs ruling my life. Depending on the drug, it could make me age faster, put me in poor health, and result in death most likely if I wouldn't of been able to stop. I choose to not rely on a high to make me feel certain happy emotions. Instead, I will find the happiness through my friends and loved ones. I choose to live a drug free life because I have ancestors who have passed away from substance abuse, and I do not want to fall into their footsteps and devastate the ones who love me the most. I choose to live the most healthy life I possibly can and carry out Gods plans he has placed before me, which I firmly believe involves me choosing to fill my body with only healthy substances.



Treatment: Tylenol treats headaches, toothaches, back aches, and menstrual periodsPossible side effects: May have an allergic reaction which includes rashes, dizziness, swelling, or trouble breathingPrecautions: Ask a doctor before use if there is history of liver disease or alcohol abuse; Tablets could contains amounts of sugar that could be dangerous to one with diabetes.*Call 911 in case of overdose



Save the Liver, don't drown it in liquor

Pre alcoholic- drinking is used with increasingly greater frequency as a means for stress reduction.  The major physiological characteristic of this phase is that the person begins to develop a tolerance for alcohol. Early Alcoholic- In this stage, you are incapable of resisting it. You may find yourself lying about drinking to friends or loved ones. Middle Alcoholic- This stage causes you to miss social events or even work. You might drink at inappropriate times, such as when caring for your children, driving, or at work, along with adding an aggressive or abusive attitude towards others.Late Alcoholic- Serious health problems (diseases) develop. Attempts to stop drinking may be characterized by tremors or hallucinations.

Warnings:-Trouble breathing-Impaired judgment -Headaches -Blackouts-Nausea -Distorted vision and hearing

Want to Quit?

Short Term effects:

Bad breath, decrease in energy, decrease in taste or smell

Long Term effects:

Increased risk of stroke, brain damage, and cancer; yellow teeth and tooth decay; muscular degeneration


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