Drug Abuse Project Marijuana

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Drug Abuse Project Marijuana

Drug Abuse ProjectMarijuana

The Effects Of Marijuana

-The oldest known use of marijuana is in ancient china for healing purposes.-The chemical in Marijuana that creates the effect of feeling high is called THC.-The amount of THC in Marijuana can vary.

Common names for Marijuana-Hemp-Pot-Weed-Astro Turf-Reefer

How the Substance affects the mind and body.-Long term use can lead to addiction -Difficulty in thinking and problem solving-Gives you a higher chance in getting cancer-Affects the nervous system

The benefits of Marijuana-Reduces the speed of tumor growth the brain and lungs.-It helps with glaucoma and alzheimers.Is Marijuana Addicting?Marijuana's effect after you smoke it is the only part that is addicting.

Short Term Effect of Marijuana-Sensory Distortion-Panic-Anxiety-Poor Cordination-Lower reaction time-Fast Heartbeat-Feeling SleepyLong Term Effects-Mood Changes-Reduce of male sex hormones-Reduced resistance to common illness'

The effects could last from three hours, to a month.Pot smokers could alsohave the same health issues as tobacco smokers. Such as lung cancer or gum cancer.


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