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Parts Of A Plane

Parts Of A Bird


By Devon

If you were to compare a bird with a plane you would find that the bird's body is the plane's fusalage, The plane's nose is the bird's head and beak. The bird's wings are the planes wings and the bird flapping it's wings are the plane's engines, the plane's landing gear is the bird's feet, the bird's tail is the plane's rudder and horizontall stabillizers.

These kinds of planes are called delta wings. They are invisible. Not really. But they are invisible to a radar, the reason why is because they have specaill edges and angles that make the radar beams bounce off them which makes them practicly invisible. these planes wings are specally designed so that they can do everything a normal plane can do, and incase you're wondering the engines are normally inside the planes body.

F-117 Night Hawk

B-2 Spirit

SR-71 Blackbird

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