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Dr.Pol Book Report

Dr. Jan Pol Never Turn Your Back on an Angus CowGlogster By: M. Custino


In 2009 Dr. Jan Pol was asked b the National Geographic channel to star in a vet reality T.V. show called the Incredible Dr. Pol. Since then the show has millions of people watching it all around the world. Since the show is very popular in the town he lives in he has been able to be the grand marshal in parades, the host of local art shows, helped out at community events, has people come up to him for selfies and autographs,

Dr. Jan Pol is not your typical vet. For over 40 years he has been helping over 500,000 patients from cats and dogs to cows and horses. Dr. Pol had wanted to be a vet since he was just 12 years old growing up in the Netherlands. Dr. Pol enjoys his job and likes to get up close, and personal with them. Since Dr. Pol does not have the expensive, fancy equipment; he enjoys being hands on with the animal even if it means sticking his hand's in unbearable places.

About Dr. Pol

1. Dr. Pol's clinic has been open since 19812. Has two adopted kids Kathy and Charles 3. He also has two horses, three dogs, five cats, five peacocks, two doves, twentyfive chickens, and lots of fish. 4. Dr. Pol has been married since 19675. Dr. Pol's parents names are Harm and Klaasje Pol 6. Dr. Pol's two other brothers' are named Jan.7. One of Dr. Pol's sisters's is named Henny 8. Dr. Vander eyck introduced him to veternary medicine. 9. His T.V. show started in 200910. Dr. Pol has deliverd two two headed cows' before11. Before starting his own business Dr. Pol worked for Dr. Arnold Hentschl in Harbor Beach, Michigan. 12. Had his two Friesian mares imported from the Netherlands.13. Dr. Pol opened the clinic for large animals originaly

Facts About Dr. Pol


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