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Lesson: About Droughts


As you can see, droughts can make a massive effect to the environment. Droughts can make crops die. Droughts can make water dissapear ,and they can make people die from dehydration. Droughts can also last from days to months. This when they are considered disasters. They can`t be measured but they can be predicted. On a site called Teenbiz3000.com there is a article about a major drought that has happened at least a year ago. Droughts can happen anywhere in the world. They can be very dangourous when they last for more than a week, and rarely even about three months.

Today we are learning about droughts and how they can occur and where they can occur. We are also goinig to learn about how droughts can effect other people and the environment. Hope you enjoy today`s lesson!

What droughts can do

On this picture, a drought has made water evaporate way to fast for the plants to survive. Droughts can diminish crops to look like this picture.

As you can see, a drought has made a lake of water dry out.

On this video a person is playing a game that tries to stop a drought from happening and to make rain to fall.


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