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Weather and Climate

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DroughtQuestion 2Darshan

What are the impacts of Drought

What happens to the environment?Drought deeply affects the land, water, and people. The skies have no clouds, which with drought not only imply below-average rainfall, but also an increase in the amount of sunlight directed to the ground. This leads to more evaporation. Meaning less water on land.

What happens to people/animalsDrought deeply affects the land, water, and people. If the people don’t get enough water the might not survive. To prevent this they would have to use less water in their day to day life and have to minimize water wastage. Without water animals will die out. They will need to be thought about even more. HUmans will need to equally share the water between themselves and the animals. This might be hard to do

What are the short term impactsof Drought?Crops won't grow wellSoil gets erodedPeople have to manage their water usageWhat are the long term impactsof Drought?People die because the amount of water they drink is lowPeople relocate to different countries or towns due to water deficiency in the townDrought gets so bad that country invest in water from overseas



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