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Weather and Climate

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3 Fun Facts- A drought is a time with not enough annual rainfall -Only 0.03 % of water is consumable for humans to drink-Meteroligsts predict drought from the annual weather fall, and the hight of streams and rivers.

Right now as you are reading this text, from 12-18-14 they are fighting one of the worst droughts in California. They are trying to find water for all of those who are limited on water and who cant get ahold of any. it has been going on for a few months!!!!!!

It is almost impposible to prepare for a drought, that is because you have to be lucky witht the waether.Some things that you could try to do,is by water, or move. after this diastere would be over with, you would be geeting rain, and getting that collected.

Ethan Walker


When the drought hits, you would have to not panic, but stay calm.

One example of my natural disaster would be, the drought that has been going on in California.

Some of the damages caused by floods can be devistating. When the drought is over, all lakes would be dry and cracked up.


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