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Hypothesis: I predict the flies will go for the banana.Explanation: After watching the flies for seven minuets it was clear they prefered the banana over the cream cheese. I feel they prefered the banana over the cream cheese because of the banana's high sugar concentration. Sugar is quick energy so the fruit flies will have energy fast. Which is good for their short life span.


Fruit fly labwhat is choice?

In the lab!



1.) Devise a choice chamber that will allow the flies to choose either substance A or B.2.) Place subtance A and B on ooposite sides and introduce the flies.(make sure there is no way to escape)3.)allow flies ample time to decide which substance they prefer.4.) record your findings

Data Table and Graph

qualitative observations: Many flies were small and black. Many were fit and only died if they drown in the water in the bottle.

Some problems with this experiment were the chambers themselves. You couldn't really tell if they were choosing the substance or just flying around. This could be a source of error because you don't know if they were really choosing A or B Many also died because the drowed in water.

Follow up research should be done. Repeat the experiment again and learn from the sources of error you encounter. Find a better way to contruct the choice chamber and watch the flies over an exdended period of time rather then seven minuets to aquire accurate data.

How to culture fruit flys!



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