Dropsie Avenue

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Dropsie Avenue

By: Erica Boyett

The life cycle of a neighborhood consists of four phases: Growth, Stability, Decline, and RevitalizationThe River Street Digital History Project shows the life cycle of one of Boise's oldest multi-racial neighborhood. River Street's story is similar to that of Dropsie Avenue's story.The story of the River Street community can be found athttp://www.riverstreethistory.com/evolution-of-river-street/river-street-is-born/

In his graphic novel, Dropsie Avenue, Will Eisner depicts the changes to a mythical Bronx neighborhood over a period of time. The novel accurately shows the life span of a neighborhood as well as the people who lived there. Check out more Bronx history at http://www.thirteen.org/bronx/history.html

Does Dropsie Avenue portray what really happened in the Bronx?

Dropsie AvenueWill Eisner

Life Cycle

Dropsie Avenue revolves around the effect of immigration on a neighborhood. Though immigration changes the make-up of a neighborhood, it does not necessarily change the neighborhood in a bad way. Immigration can also affect the neighborhood in a positive way. One neighborhood in Pennsylvania has withstood adversity related to immigration and has rebuilt and grown into a bustling economy!http://money.cnn.com/2016/09/02/news/economy/hazleton-pa-latino-immigrant/?iid=EL


Dropsie Avenue shows that people prevail even when the things around them fail. Even through the bad times, there were good people who worked together to make their home great again. We all need to realize that there will always be times when things do not go the way that we want them to, but through hard work and determnation, we can turn them around. For a community to be great, the people who live there must cooperate with one another and strive to obtain the same goal.

Rebuilding the Neighborhood



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