Dropping handkerchief - eTwinning

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Dropping handkerchief - eTwinning

'Dropping a handkerchief' - outdoors game for kids

Children making a circle and sit. One of them goes around the circle with a handkerchief in his hand and everyone sings: "I'm dropping, dropping a handkerchief and the doggie is pulling it..." The player, who goes around, chooses one of the children in the circle and drop the hankerchief behind him. Then he rushes to run and the sitting player stands up, takes the dropped handkerchief and chases the circling player. If the second player catches him, then he sits again on his place and first player has another try to drop the hankerchief behind somebody's else back . If not, then the second player starts going around the circle with a handkerchief and tries to drop it behind the other sitting player.

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