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Navigating Dropbox

Save and access files online, synch between multiple computers, tablets and smartphones, and never worry about your hard drive crashing again.

All users get their own "dropbox", or file storage account, where they can store files, documents and other media. Dropbox is free for the first 2GB of space.

It's easy to share files with other users, and easily separate shared from personal files. Share files allow users to give documents to each other, or to work together on a single document.

Upload photos for lessons or projects. Also, you can synch your phone to Dropbox, so your cell phone pictures upload automatically. If anything happens to your phone, then, your pictures will be saved!

Dropbox tracks all additions and changes made to your Dropbox, so you can see when files are modified or added, and by whom. You could even choose to have students upload homework to your Dropbox file, and track when they submitted it.

Dropbox allows all users 2GB of free space, but also allows you to "earn" up to 16GB more space for free!

Dropbox can also be used to collaborate on projects. A user can set any file in their Dropbox to "Share," and invite other Dropbox users to utilize that file. The file will then appear in the Dropbox account of any user who accepts an invitation to share the file, and any changes made by any users will synch to all invited members' Dropboxes.

Once a user creates an account, they can install Dropbox on any mobile device - computers, tablets, phones. Documents, files and pictures can then be set to upload automatically to the Dropbox website, making them available at any time. Additionally, work saved on line are safe from any technical difficulties your hardware may experience.

Create a list of links to websites andinternet resources - carry your "Favorites" tab with you!

Documents, pictures and media can be arranged in files for ease of access and organization. Various privacy levels can be set to keep files private, make them public, or even allow other users to alter them.

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