Drone OPSPARC Spinoff - 2017 Grades 6-8

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Drone OPSPARC Spinoff - 2017 Grades 6-8

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?Spinoff Technology is taking nasa products used in space for astronauts, space crafts, or satellites and repurposing it back on earth.

Be a Researcher

Create your Own Spinoff

Design Review

Describe Your Own Spinoff Idea And What Problem It Solves Our spinofff idea is a drone that mainly detects forest fires but can be used for finding lives in floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other catastrophic events. The drone is a nasa weather drone with infared cameras to detect body heat during or after catastrophic events and a NASA fire sensor to quickly detect wild fires. We hope this spinoff drone will help people, forests, and animals to stay safe.

Ways To Improve The Design, Strengths and Weaknesses. Even though the drone is from a NASA weather drone, there will always be problems with the design. First of all, since the drone must fly during or after catastrophic events, it may crash and explode, causing a fire, this can happen during a wild fire too. Another problem may be while the drone is flying looking for missing people or fires, it can lose fuel or crash.

Constraints(Size)We plan the drone to be the same size as the weather drone, which is 44 feet long, it has a wingspan of 116 feet wide, a height of 15 feet, a gross takeoff weight of 26,750 lbs with a 1,500 lb payload capacity.


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