[2015] Yulisa talavera: DRIVING THE FUTURE

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[2015] Yulisa talavera: DRIVING THE FUTURE

Flying Car Yulisa Talavera invented a 'flying car' she said if you buy it you will get 30% off .It might be hard to handle ,but you get free lessons .To start it you press the up button then pull the right lever ,she also said you will get a regulat car fo free iff you buy this new car .Thats all for driving the future ,we will be right back with driving the future and when we get bach we will hear about the boy who invented a machine that cleans earth


Flying shoes There is a boy in 5th grade named fabian escamilla he invented these shoes that fly .He said that you must slide your hand on the tip of your shoe to turn it on. He says it runs on solar energy . The problem of the shoes is that you can't use it at night only in the morning becouse it runs on solar energy.Well we will be back with driving the future but this time its about a flying car.

Cleaning The Earth There is this boy named Adam Morales and he invented a machine that cleans the earth . He says 'help the earth be clean with the Earth Cleaner'. He says you need to press the pink button to turn on ,and green too turn it off ,and blue to take out the trash . Eathan says that the problem is that if you over charge it, it will explode but Eathan says that if it does you get onother one free .What a great deal that is .

Dahlila Perez invented a posion that turn you into a butterfly.She says you must pour a small amount of posion .The problem about the posion is that the posion will turn you old if you put to much. She says that it cost 15 dollars buy on get one free.

Ethan Becerra invented a posion that turns you into a dragon .He said that it costs 20 dollars buy one get on free ,if you put to much you will turn into a tree it takes 5 days to ware off



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