Driving Questions, (Assignment), Technology

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Driving Questions, (Assignment), Technology

1. The tools available on the web today offer endless opportunities for teachers. There are so many cool websites and applications out there that teachers and students aren't aware of that really help create effective communication. Some of the cool tools we've learned to use this year included blogs, MS Publisher, and Fotobabble. MS Publisher would be one of the applications I would use most as a teacher. I easily created a great newsletter that would keep parents and students informed about our class, the school, and upcoming events. The newsletter could be sent home as a hard copy and through an email or posted on the class blog.2. Some tools may not be as effective if used through the Internet. Accessibility is a big issue that may hinder these communication efforts. If a student or parent can't access a computer, then they can't take advantage of the tools they have access to in the classroom. Parents couldn't access the class blog or students couldn't use interactive websites like Fotobabble for homework or projects.3. Technology in education can have a lot of pros and cons. The main issues technology endures relate to accessibility and the responsibility to create effective learning and communication. The responsibility of educational technology faces the most problems because a lot of teachers have a lack of training and don't use this technology to its full capability. Students then can't learn as effectively.

Driving Questions Revisited

By:Amanda Sarantis

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1)How can technology tools improve communication between teachers and students, parents, or peers?2)How can these tools hinder communication efforts?3)Why do issues surrounding the use of technology in education endure?



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