Driving Fatigue

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Driving Fatigue

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How to be a responsible passenger- Don't distract the driver- Wear a seat belt- Let the driver drive for themselves- Don't be too loud- Stay in your seat- Don't make any physical contact with the driver

How to be a responsible driver- Follow speed limits- Obey alcohol levels- Wear a seatbelt- Watch out for pedestrians- Make sure your car is serviced- Had plenty of rest- Adjusted mirrors & seat- No reckless driving


Fatigue Symptoms- Yawning- Poor concentration- Tired eyes- Restlessness- Drowsiness- Slow reactions- Boredom- Oversteering- Delayed reactions- Drifting into other lanes

Consequences after an accident- Minor or severe injuries- Mental problems, eg, depression- Death of a loved one- DIstraught family and community- Having to live with the thought of it- Loss of licence, leading to loss of jobs- Financial problems

Driver FatigueDriver fatigue is a very dangerous condition created when a person is suffering symptoms of fatigue while driving, often resulting from the hypnotic effect especially during night time driving either falling asleep at the wheel or so exhausted they make serious and fatal driving errors. This is such a problem within young drivers because they think they can keep

Ways to develop driving skills- Education- Advertisements- Driving lessons with professional instructors- Driving in suitable conditons- Practice emergency stops- Get to know where everything is in the car- Practice!- Try tricky manoeuvers

driving when they're tired and they are not stopping every 2 hours like you're suppose to. Stop, revive, survive!One of the symptoms is decreased ability to judge our own level of tiredness, therfefore people keep driiving until an accident occurs. Driver fatigue is estimated to have a factor in up to 30% of fatal crashes and 15% of serious injury crashes.

Fatigue is major causal factor in road & traffic accidents


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