Drive on the Wild Side

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Drive on the Wild Side

GiraffeGiraffa camelopardalisStatus: Conservation dependentHabitat: SavannaAdaptations: Prehensile tongue that can wrap around food or leaf, coat pattern makes them hard to see when they stand in shade of tress

Drive on the Wild Side

How is everything connected?

OstrichStruthio camelusStatus: Conservation dependentHabitat: Open semi arid plains and woodlandsAdaptations: Can reach speeds of 45 mph, sharp claws capable of disembowling predators, mammal sense of smell and birds' powerful eyesight

Axis DeerAxis axisStatus: Conservation dependentHabitat: Semi-open, dry scrub forestAdaptations: Males have antlers to protect territory, high population managed by predators

Prepare for a look inside diversity and adaptations as we explore Fossil Rim Wildlife Center...

CheetahAcinonyx jubatusStatus: Endangeredhabitat: Savannah, open woodlandsAdaptations: sleek body frame, oversized nostrils, flexible spine, enlarged heart, and increased lung capacity allow them to accelerate up to 60 mph

Common WildabeastConnochaetes taurinusStatus: Conservation dependentHabitat- GrasslandsAdaptations- Migrate in large numbers to protect against predators; all the calves are born within a three week birthing period

Mexican Gray WolfCanis lupus baileyiStatus: EndageredHabitat: Mountains, forestsAdaptations: packs with alpha pair and life long mating, high sense of smell, claws, and sharp teeth for hunting


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