Drinking & Driving

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Drinking & Driving

In 2006 drinking ' driving was directly attributed to 1,278 deaths ' 75, 374 injuries - Canadian MADD statistic

You can hand over your keys or your life. Make the right choice.

Three was your Conscience can help you to make better Decisions1.Capacity to recognize right ' wrong: In North American culture drinking ' driving is wrong ' more impotantly illegal, due to the high potential of a person/s getting injured or even killed. Therefore the right decision would to keep the impaired individual away from operating any sort of motorized vehicle ' most of all the key to that machinery.2.Conscience as a process of moral reasoning: Utilize information that is brought upon you. Associations like MADD have plentiful knoweldge and experience with the topic of drinking ' driving. The moral issue of drinking ' driving is one of those issues that a lot of people lack experience in beause the concequences are so drastic ' life changing, listen to the very few ' never forget what they say so that you dont end up being another statistic.3.Conscience as a judgement: The decision you make should be guided by not only your personal preception ' grasp of values. Know that the decision you make in regards to the moral issue of drinking ' driving is an expressive of "me" ' is a reflection of what type of person you are.

"The important issue about drinking ' driving is that it is a matter of choice and is therefore preventable. It is a choice to drink, and it is another choice to drive. When the two are combined, the results can be deadly, especially for teen drivers, who are not as experienced as older drivers. " -"Drinking and Driving." Teen Health and Wellness. Rosen Publishing Group

According to the National Safety Council teen drivers are involved in 14.8 percent of fatal crashes, even though they make up only 6.6 percent of the total number of licensed drivers. Proving how dangers driving without impairment is for youth drivers.

Six aspects of the human person important to ethics 1. The importance of others: "Am I my brothers keeper?" The answer is yes! Humans are relational, therefore all actions are either for the other or against them. There must be an equlibrium between self love ' the other. By following "the golden rule" (do onto others as you would do to yourself) therefore one should show compassion ' assitance as they would expect from others even if they are total strangers.2. The importance of having direction in life: our fundamental "stance" defines who we are therefore the decisions we make when facing moral dilemmas illustrate who we are ' what kind of person we want to be.3.Importance of communication ' language: the community you live in (Catholics) is apart of your identity in that the language you share identifies common experiences ' commitments.

Six aspects of the human person important to ethics4. The importance of character: the way of your actions defines who you are as a character. One's character determines what you see ' how you respond to what has been seen. The decision you make often is the product of what you believe ' value.5. The importants of conscience: as per the church our conscience is that voice in the back of our minds that calls us "to love ' to do whatis good ' to avoid evil- a law inscribed in human hearts by God."6. The developement of one's conscience: listen to your consience- means to listen to all factors that influence your decision, which includes your inner world of feelings, values, insights and motives, but also objective circumstances- possiblr concequences, wisdom of others, Jesus, church parents, ' most importantly God. Making a decision is a lot like reading a compass you most refer to all of your bearings before making a concrete decison on what way you should proceed.

Moral issue =drinking ' drivingWhy?The potential to put harm onto oneself or others.Moral dilemma = telling law officials that an individual (possibly friends/family) is breaking the law (driving impaired) one must weigh in consequences of telling law official: unsafe driver is removed from the roads and not telling: potetial harm to the individual or others around him (possibly death)

If you under 21, your blood-alcohol level must be zero but if not ' you are caught you will receive an immediate driver’s licence suspension at the roadside for 24 hours and, if convicted, you will face a fine of up to $500 and a 30-day licence suspension.


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