Drinking and Driving

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Drinking and Driving

Drinking & Driving

Drunk driving is a moral issue...- You are responsible for those around you who decide to drink and drive.- Harming yourself and others, by possible accidents, leading to injury or death.- Drunk driver incidents could change the lives of those involved and those around them.- Knowing you're right thing, such as calling a intoxicated friend a cab, instead of the wrong thing, allowing them to drive could lead to two completely different outcomes.

Facts-Between 16-25 year olds, car accdients are the leading cause to death and alcohol/drugs are a factor 55% of the time.-Nearly 100,000 people are killed every year due to drunk drivers.- Someone is injured from a drinkning and driving accdient every 90 seconds.-A drunk driver will drive 80 times intoxicated before their first arrest.-Many of those with DUI's are not alcoholics.


- Could take your own or someone elses life- Bad consequences- People wont trust you again/change the way they look at you- Arrested/fined which leads to a record - Hard to find jobs- Living with the guilt of changing someones life forever/could potentially take one away from there families.


- Could save your own and other lives- Responsiblity (of the other)- Consequence free- Others will look at you as a role model, for making the right decision- Will be looked at as a trusted individual for taking care of others- Self- control- Call a parent or a cab

Moral Reasoning

Conscience of Right & WrongRIGHT - not allowing one to drink and drive- call a friend to pick you up- call a cab- call parents- stay at a friends house- get friends to take keys away so youre not temptedHowever, as these may seem like the right thing to do, you have to consider other possible outcomes, such as taking keys away from a friend could result in a broken friendship.WRONG - allowing one to drive drunk- getting into the car and driving off- knowing you aren't fine but still deciding to drive

Ethical Experiences The Beggar : when you become face to face with the other and see that they need help, you begin to think a lot of different things because you dont really know what to do. "Should I help them" " No no, they should be fine" "How would I feel is something serious does happen to that person". When this happens, you are now responsible for "the other" and they have an impact on you, so if you decide not to do anything, they are still with you.

Moral DilemmaSeeing and allowing one to get into the drivers seat of a vehicle knowing they have been drinking and are drunk.


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