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Dressage is the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance. In dressage, you give your horse aids, which is a cue to tell them what to do. Dressage is all about perfection, and the horse must have a tucked head. You must give firm but gentle aids, and communicate with the horse using your legs and reins.

Passage - This is a very collected, cadenced trot that is characterized by elevated movement of the knees and hocks, as well as a defined engagement of the quarters. The toe of the raised foreleg should come to the middle of the cannon bone of the opposing foreleg. The horse should remain calmly on the bit with a raised arched neck and head close to vertical. The poll should be the highest point of the arch.

Piaffe - This diagonal movement is highly collected and cadenced as with the passage; however, it is done in place. The horse's raised foreleg should again be raised to the middle of the opposing foreleg's cannon bone. The raised hind leg's toe should be slightly above the fetlock joint of the opposing hind leg. The piaffe should always remain lively and animated with the horse's body moving up and down in a relaxed, supple and cadenced manner. As with passage, the horse's neck should be arched with it's head in the vertical position.

This is Olympic level dressage!

Proper Dressage show attire


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