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Dred Scott

Dred ScottBrianna Brown5th

Dred Scott vs. SandfordDred Scott went to court to fight for his freedom in 1846. Scott lost the first trial but won the second one. After the second trial the case was overturned by the Missouri State Supreme Court. In 1854, Dred then filed a law suit in federal court against John Sanford. Scott then turned to the U.S. Supreme Court when the case was decided in Sanford's favor. Eleven years after the initial suit, the decision for the 'Dred Scott vs. Sanford' was issued. The result was that slaves were not citizens, therefore they could not sue in Federal Court. This decision stated that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional.The Scott family was granted freedom, in May 1857, when the were handed back over to their first owner.The 13th and 14th amendments, eventually, overturned the Supreme Court ruling.

Dred Scott did not want to become famous for what he did in his lifetime, but he did. He just wanted all people to be free, as they should be. Dred did not know what to expect when he started this fight for freedom.

Dred married Harriet and they had four children. Two girls and two boys. Both of their sons died when they were very young and their daughters names were Eliza and Lizzie.

Dred Scott was born during the turn of the century around 1795, in Southampton County, Virginia. Dred was name Sam when he was born, but when is older brother died he took on his brother's name. He was born into a slave family. When the family moved to Alabama wth their owner, they were sold to a U.S. army doctor. Dred married Harriett Robinson who belonged to another army doctor. Dred may have died before the 12th and 13th amendements were passed.

March 17, 1846Dear Diary, The court said mabey it, will take years for them to care about my case at all. I'm disappointed that teh court doesn't care about this slavery issue. I hope this will all be resaulev before the end of my days. I want to be the one to change history. I want to be the one to change peoples lives. All of the white men were right about me. I am never gonna mane a difference in this world. I am just live all the other slaves, praying for freedom. I want somethingthat is never going to happen n this world. I think it is time for me to get back to work, my owner can't find me down here. I need to leave. But one last thing, if you find this tell people about me and what I wanted to do wth my life.

Chief Justice Roger B. Taney

Harriett Robinson

Dred Scott

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