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Dream Travel Scrapbook

In a visit to Italy (which is about the size of Arizona), a tourist can visit five legendary cities - Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and Verona. The country features snowy mountains, Roman ruins and Greek temples. Italy would be a spot on my travel list because of its gorgeous beaches.

The River Thames is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. It flows through Central London and provides a beautiful backdrop to the city, and offers many sporting opporunities. It would be fun to sail down the famous river.

The Great Victoria Desert is Australia's largest desert, and is the third largest in the world. Although the desert receives little rain, the amount of vegetation it has may surprise visitors. I would like to visit this spot because it offers more than just sand dunes.

Dublin, Ireland is well-known for its castles featuring ancient architecture. The city is also home to St. Patrick's Cathedral which was built between 1220 and 1260. I would like to visit Dublin because of its beautiful coastlines and rich history.

Mount Rushmore is carved into the Black Hills of South Dakota. It features the faces of four former United States presidents. It was created to attract visitors to South Dakota. I would like to visit the sight because it's a piece of American history.

France, located in Western Europe, is the world's most visited country. The country shares borders with 8 different nations. I would love to go to France because of its wonderful art, fabulous food and beautiful sights.

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Alena's Dream Travel Scrapbook

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By: Alena Scott

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