Dream time

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Dream time

--Dreamtime is the 'time before time', 'the time of the creation of all things' --Earth received its present form --Patterns and cycles of life begun--Creating their surroundings and changing into animals and people--Dreamtime reflected the events and characters of daily life in the Australian desert. --'Dreaming' is often used to refer to an individual's or group's beliefs.

Mythology--The Rainbow Serpent

Dreamtime Australian Aborigine

Dreamtime stories taught about life, including birth, love, food gathering, hunting, warfare, marriage and death.

Not Just Creation

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--Comes from the Island of Java (Philippines)--Technique used for clothing around the world (Egypt 4th Cent B.C.E.--Pharaohs)--Batik project, AUS(1978) help women find a source of income in prep for the land claim hearing. Demonstrating economic viability through their art work, justifying their legal and moral right to their land.How are they made?--Wax Resist (stencil like/protector)--Colored dyes--Fabric


Quatour: Soleil

Dreamtime and Mythos website


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