Drama techniques

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Drama techniques

Drama proyect in Language teaching

So why we do not think about this useful tool, it can be used to develop certain language skills ?

Drama is that thing that we daily are in touch with, since early in the morning when we decide cope with others though we are not feeling well. We are accosttumed to wear a `series of civilized masks if we are to maintain our dignity and live in harmony with others´.


Drama techniques in Language Teaching...

Why ?

In Drama there are keys elements that are also important in teaching:*Situation -Problem-Solution: Surface Reality*Background- emotions- planning: underlying reality foundations.Most language coursebooks already use some basics drama techniques: role plays, dialogues, simulations,etcFour skills can be better improved with drama techniques.


*Learners have an active participiant role.*Drama allows `genuine communication´ involing not just two people's interaction but also their emotions.*Relationships are also improved thourgh drama*Body language is a key point in drama language learning

Drama can be used *To teach Vocabulary and strucuture* to review and reinforce*to give a simple sample though mime* to acquire meaningful and fluent interation in target language* to assimilate the pronunciation as well as the phontics of L2.*to fully contextualized the adquisition of the new voacbulary* to improved the learners' self- confidence to learn a L2




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