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Dragons Love Tacos

Adam Rubin had been working in advertising for nearly ten years when he stumbled upon an opportunity to write a children's book with illustrator Daniel Salmieri. The pair published the Darn Squirrels triology series and soon thereafter, Rubin quit his job to pursue writing full-time. Since then he has written Dragons Love Tacos, Secret Pizza Party, Big Bad Bubble and most recently, RoboSauce. He travels the US reading his books aloud to children in schools and libraries and is now a New York Times Best-Selling Author.

About the Author


Rubin's writing in Dragons Love Tacos, as well as his other works, represents a modern take on children's literature. Thoughtfully silly, the humor in his writing is simple enough for children to connect to, while still making a concerted attempt at engaging adults. Considering the research on the importance of genuinely enjoying the reading experiences we share with children, this book is perfect for modeling reading behaviors and connections during a read-aloud. Most of his works center around animals and their food preferences (Dragons Love Tacos is a wonderful example of his overall style) preferences while still including enough plot to sustain inferencing questions and prediciton- based lessons.

Style and Themes


General Education:-Mentor Text for writing "How To" books (how to throw a taco party)-Mentor Text for using "pop out" or descriptive words while writing. -Inferencing: Do you think dragons like spicy food? Why or why not?-Predicting: What do you think will happen now that he forgot not to add peppers to the salsa?Special Education:-Following Directions activity: Using a recipe to cook/ assemble tacos-Social Skills: How do you feel when something you don't like happens?

Classroom Use

Dragons Love Tacosby Adam Rubin Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

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Dragons Love Tacos was one of the first books on my wish-list when I became a teacher. Written in simple, relatable languae, this book (along with others created by this dynamis duo) are the perfect addition to any classroom library for read-aloud and for students to read at their leisure. The illustrations are not only beautiful, but supportive of the text. While everybody loves a good "oldie but goodie," I have found their work to be a refreshing alternative to tried -and -true classics.


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