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Dragonfly Food





Being the "big bird"

How do they look like ?

What I think will happen?

Immature dragonflies have six spindly legs, and a body that is only a few times longer than it is wide. They have two fairly big eyes. Some of their mouthparts are modified to shoot forward and grab prey.

We watch dragonflies flying around the pond and they are beautiful. But what DO dragonflies eat? A dragonfly is an agile predator. Adult dragonflies and dragonfly nymphs (the stage of the dragonfly that lives in the water) are excellent hunters and mainly eat other insects.

Most dragonflies usually live in good wet and moist places such as swamps, rain forrestes infact if your in a pool they could be flying right above yoyr head. They also like to live where there is plenty of food, like the farrington pool. They also give birth to baby dragonflies called "larvae" some or majority gives birth in or by water.

Somewhere on the reedy fringes of a pond, a male dasher dragonfly pursuing a female, like two hyphens of lightning. Or a tiger-striped spiketail diving, twirling, flashing its gossamer wings, then in a blink, meeting a mate to ascend together into the ether. Or a linked pair of brilliant green darners hovering as one over the dark water, the male towing the female, darting forward, then back, then straight up with the kind of aerial agility of which we masters of the helicopter can only dream.


Eh Where they live ?


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