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Dracula project

DraculaBy: Bram Stoker

Through this year we have learned different types of stories. Each one with many different elements that differentiates each kind of gender: romance, fiction, horror, etc. In the first course in literature we saw real nonfiction stories with Miss Debi (Let’s Get Real). And in the second partial we read Dracula by Bram Stoker with Mister Owen. Both literature courses takes time in the real life with real events that we can say they are true because some people already live them. But in Dracula the fiction takes place in the story. In the book the un-death come to life and the immortality is a very important new thing that they discovered for the first time.

Reality and fiction

In the course with Miss Debi we saw many short stories and articles about the real life. She teach us that even t.v shows such as comedies and animations have some real life facts hidden in the plot.


Mina MurrayJonathan Harker Dr. SewardDr. Van HelsingDraculaLucy WestenraQuincey MorrisArthur Holmwood Renfield

Both of the stories makes the people imagine the things that are happening in the narration. We can make our own opinion and conclusion about what we think of what we just read. We can decide if it is real of not real.

"Reality: the state or quality of being real""Fiction: something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story"


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