[2015] kylian quentin: Dracula

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[2015] kylian quentin: Dracula

The characters are Jonathan Harker, his wife Mina Harker and the count Dracula.The story takes place in the 19th century in eastern Europe between Transylvania, Moldavia and Bucovina.

DRACULAby Bram Stoker


characters - setting


The author is Bram Stoker. He is an irish author. He was born in 1847 and he died in 1912. He wrote many novels like Dracula (1897), The snake's pass (1890) and shorts stories like Dracula's Guest

Jonathan Harker speaks with his employer and says goodbye to his wife Mina and he leaves London. He goes in Transylvania by train where he reads a Dracula's letter. After the train he goes to the castle of Dracula by carriage then a Dracula's coach. The castle is between Transylvania, Moldavia and Bucovina. Jonathan meets Dracula and dines in his castle. Dracula is a undead, he drinks blood, he doesn't have family and he is agressive.

In gothic fiction there are werewolves like in Dracula's history

The characters Jonathan Harker (at the top) and his wife, Mina Harker (at the bottom)

It is a vampire like Dracula in the story

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This is the trailer of the film "DRACULA". And at the top it is the count Dracula.

The map of Transylvania. The castle of Dracula is between Transilvania , Moldavia and Bucovina


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