[2014] margotlemascon: Dracula

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[2014] margotlemascon: Dracula


There are many films adaptations about dracula:- In 1931, by Tod Browning-In 1992, by Francis Ford Coppola

SummaryThis story tells about the life of Jonathan Harker and his wife, Mina. He goes to Dracula's castle but a count Dracula is a vampire!

This is what the local food looks like.

Principal actors in the Coppola's film are:- For Dracula, Gary Oldman -For Jonathan Harker, Keanu Reeves-For Mina Harker is Winona Ryder

The story takes place in Transylvania.

Bram Stoker is a famous british writer. His most famous novel was Dracala. He was born in the 8th of november 1847 and he dead in the 20th of april 1912.

It's Bram Stoker

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At the beginning, Dracula is a novel was writen by Bram Stoker in 1987, in England.

There is a new film about count Dracula before he became a vampire.


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