[2016] Alan The Doctor: Draco

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[2016] Alan The Doctor: Draco

BackgroundDraco constellation is in the northern sky. Its name means “the dragon” in Latin. The constellation shows Ladon, the dragon that guarded the gardens of the Hesperides in Greek mythology Draco is the eigth largest constellation

LocationIt can be seen all year round. Draco is only present in the Northern Hemisphere, so those living in the Southern Hemisphere will never see this constellation. .Constellations that don't set are known as circumpolar constellations.The neighboring constellations are Boötes, Camelopardalis, Cepheus, Cygnus, Hercules, Lyra, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor.


Cat's eye nebula

StarsThis 15-star constallation has the latin name for dragon its tail winds between the Big and Little Dipper. It's stars are: Thuban Gamma Draconis Beta Draconis Lota Draconis Sigma Draconis HIP 56948 Gliese 687 Delta Draconis Eta Draconis Zeta Draconis Lambada Draconis Xi Draconis Epildon Draconis Psi1 Draconis Theta Draconis Kappa Draconis Phi Draconis Rho Draconis Upilson Draconis Omega Draconis Tau Draconis 42 Draconis 39 Draconis 10 Draconis GSC 03549-02811 17 Draconis. In the years of 4,000 to 2,000 BC. Thuban was used by the ancients as the pole star as it was the closest star to the North Pole at that time.Draco has several famous sky objects, most unusual ones being the Cat’s Eye Nebula,The Spindle Galaxy, and The Tadpole Galaxy.The brightest star in the constellation is Gamma Draconis.

The spindle galaxy

The tadlope Galaxy

Myths and LegendsDraco has been connected with many stories in the Greek mythology. One version of a story is Cadmus, the brother of Europa who was brought to Crete by Zeus in the form of bull send Draco in his journey to find his sister. Another story is when the Athenian goddess Minerva took Draco by the tail and put it into the sky in the battle of Mount of Olympus. Draco has also been noticed in christianity as the snake that tricked Eve in the Garden of Eden. Other myths has a multi headed dragon named Ladon, his duty was to protect the Gardens of Hesperides, a beautiful orchard was grew by the wife of Zeus Hera. In Egypt Draco was known as Taware, after the vigilant goddess of the northern sky. His body was described as part human, part-lioness, part-crocodile and part-hippopotamus.

HistoryDraco was one of the original 48 constellations charted by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century.


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