Dr. Rogers' Glogster Example on UDL, MTSS, & Differentiation

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Dr. Rogers' Glogster Example on UDL, MTSS, & Differentiation

How Can Teachers Meet the Educational Needs of ALL of their students?

First, why is this important? Are teachers legally obligated? Are students really that diverse? Are there strategies teachers can use that are more effective than others?

Helpful UDL Websites:

1. UDL Implementation ' Research Network

Second - Teachers should understand the principles of UDL and how they can be applied in their classroom.

2. National Center on Universal Design for Learning

1. Set up a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS)***mutliple tiers of support within the general education classroom***data-based individualization***research-validated instruction2. Differentiate Instruction to help all students achieve higher levels. (View webinar on this topic by clicking here.)3. Strive to help all students achieve independent performance by scaffolding instruction! Click here to go to the IRIS Module that helps teachers acquire skills.

Watch this video related to UDL!

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Dr. Rogers' Glogster on UDL, MTSS, Differentation ' Scaffolded InstructionJanuary 2015

Third - Teachers should investigate ways to meet the educational needs of all of their students within their general education classroom.




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