Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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African-American History

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"I have a dream." (King, Martin Luther, Jr)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. American Clergyman and Civil Rights Leader

1/15/1929- 4/4/1968

Martin Luther King Jr. led marches and gave speeches to try and free African Americans from segregation.(King, Martin Luther, Jr)

Martin Luther King Jr. insisted the blacks protest with no violence because he thought it make things worse.(Martin Luther King, Jr)

Martin Luther King Jr. helped not only blacks but the poor. He created the Poor People Campaign. (Martin Luther King Jr)

Martin Luther King Jr. met with Government officials to get civil rights but also gave inspirational speeches that helped people realize they deserve rights. (Martin Luther King, Jr)

Martin Luther King Jr. graduated from Crozer and recieved his doctorate in theology, he also graduated from Morehouse College. Martin got his Ph.D from Boston University. (Martin Luther King, Jr)

Martin Luther King Jr. was inspired to fight with Boycotts, Sit-Ins, and Protests instead of violence by Civil Rights leader mahatma gandhi

Not only Blacks were inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. But also Whites who believed segregation just wasn't fair.

Martin Luther King Jr. Was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He was known as an American Clergyman meaning a christian minister. Dr. King was also a Civil Rights Leader.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s campaigns had mixed success, but the protest he led in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963 brought him worldwide attention.



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