Dr. Keith Black

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Dr. Keith Black

Dr. Keith Black

Famous world known neurosurgeon, Keith Black was born on September 13, 1957 in Tuskegee, Alabama. Keith Black is an African American male. He completed his undergraduate in 2 years at the University of Michigan, and then enrolled at the medical school. In 1981, he earned his M.D., to explore the human mind as he does,today.


Global effect

Averagally, Keith Black performs 250 surgeries a year, and already at only 46 years old he has completed 4,000 surgeries. His goal in operating on the brain is to develop the wisdom to be able to operate on the inoperable. The inoperable also known as patients that their speech, perception, and motor activity were affected by the tumor. Along with that goal, his technique is to touch the tumor and only the tumor. After seeing the effects of other brain surgeries, patients often experience damage because surgeons have touched other parts of the brain. In 1993-1996, he disovered the peptide that allowed 10x more treatment to enter the brain. Then later, he found the gateways in the brain that open to the tumor itself, where he now plans on creating a line of offense that will cure brain cancer.

Life Obstacle

The obstacles Black encountered in his life were when he was young, and it was racial discrimination. Up until the fifth grade, Black was in a segregated education system. In result of segregated school systems, Black explains that he felt wasn't part of the larger community while he was isolated, and he missed oppurtunities as being segregated.

Scientific Contribution

Starting at the age of 17, Black published his first scientific paper. He proved the theory of how artificial heart valves destroy red blood cells. Since then, he has published hundreds of papers, and he has discovered natural body peptides that aide in sending drugs to the brain to work against tumors.

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