[2015] Sophie Stenhouse: Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

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[2015] Sophie Stenhouse: Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

He has written 36 books including Dinosaurs aren't dead, House of Karl's and Brain food.

He married his wife in Norway.They have 3 kids 1 boy (27) and 2 girls (24 and 16). He was awarded the father of the year in 2003 and said in 2010 it was his proudest moment.

He grew up in NSW. He went to Little Flower Primary school. He went to a Edmund Rice Christian Brothers secondary school .

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He has worked in 20 different jobs, a physicist, tutor, research assistant, a filmaker, a car mechanic, a road manager, a taxi driver, scientific helper in a hospital, a t-shirt manufacturer, a doctor, an academic, an author, a public speaker, a television presenter and reporter, a script writer, a weater man, a radio penelist, science reporter, writer and presenter and a script consultant

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Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Karl was born in Sweden on the 20th of March in He wasn't originally coming to Australia. He was travelling from Sweden to America, but he got sick and they had to get out at Australia. They stayed at a migrant camp in Victoria for 3 years until he moved to Wollongong NSW.

Karls contribution to Australia is he has taught lots of people lots of things with his knowledge. It is important for refugees to come to Australia because they teach us new things. He had a hard start to his life but he pushed through it.

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