Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

An allusion is an expression to call something to mind without specifically stating what that something is. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it is full of mysteries, but some of them can be missed because the author doesn't specifically state the mystery. In the second chapter, Mr. Utterson is looking for Dr. Jekyll's friend, Mr. Hyde, and he goes to Dr. Lanyon who was Dr. Jekyll's friend. After talking for a while Mr. Utterson brings up what he was actually visiting for which is one of the examples of an allusion. Utterson says, "I suppose Lanyon, you an I must be the two oldest friends that Henry Jekyll has." Mr. Utterson is trying to provoke the question of how Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde know each other, and if Mr. Lanyon does.


Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

By Connor Merrill

Foreshadowing is to give a warning or some type of indication about a future event, and in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde there are many different events of different types that take place. One is when Mr. Hyde tramples over a little girl and keeps walking like nothing had happened. From there Mr. Utterson is curious about who this man is and goes out to find him. He goes to Dr. Lanyon's and has a conversation with him before he brings up Mr. Hyde. Mr. Lanyon has no idea who this Mr. Hyde is which leaves Mr. Utterson in a state of confusion. He is then thinking about how Jekyll and Hyde could know each other. As he is thinking about this he is foreshawdowing the future events of the book. Mr. Utterson says "and then the door of that room would bo opened, th curtains of th ned plucked apart, the sleeper whom power was given, and even at that dead hour, he must rise and do its bidding." Mr. Utterson is have trouble finding details on Mr. Hyde so he has to go to Mr. Hyde himself.


To pun is to make a joke about something using all of the different meanings of the word that is used in the joke. The book itself is more a serious and mysterious story of supernatural events; therefore, you wouldn't think that the book would include jokes of any kind. In the book, Mr. Utterson says, "If he be Mr. Hyde, I shall be Mr. Seek" which is an example of pun in the story. At this point in the book, this is the first time that Mr. Utterson has heard of Mr. Hyde. Utterson is told that Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll are very good friends. From there, Mr. Utterson sets out to find Mr. Hyde and get information on him.



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Literary Elements

The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde takes place in the 1800's in London. We know that in the 1800's the telegraph or cell phone's weren't invented yet. The main source of communication therefore is by writing letters or having face to face interaction. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll's lawyer, Mr. Utterson, discusses Dr. Jekyll's will. Mr. Utterson doesn't know who this Mr. Hyde character is that Dr. Jekyll is leaving all of his belongings to, so Mr. Utterson goes to find out who this man is and doesn't find any information and goes to Dr. Lanyon. Lanyon is a friend of Mr. Utterson's and Dr. Jekyll's, and Lanyon says that he has no clue who Mr. Hyde is, and Dr. Jekyll is well known around town and Mr. Hyde however is not. Mr. Hyde is walking with Sir Danvers Carew one late night, and they meet an old maid along the street. At that moment Mr. Hyde goes into a rampage and kills Sir Danvers Carew, and the maid sees everything that happened and passes out. There is no trace then of Mr. Hyde for a long time after the murder, but Dr. Jekyll starts acting suspicious and starts to sound different when he talks. Mr. Poole, Dr. Jekyll's butler, finds Dr. Jekyll pacing at odd hours of the night, and Mr. Utterson finds out and says that if he doesn't open the door that they will force it open. When the door is opened, Mr. Utterson finds that Mr. Hyde has committed suicide. Dr. Lanyon receives a letter from Dr. Jekyll that asks him to go and get a file from Jekyll's house and to give it to a person that will being coming to Lanyon's house. This man that comes to Dr. Lanyon uses the objects in the file and makes some sort of potion that he drinks and causes him to undergo changes. After all the man changes into Dr. Jekyll, and Dr. Lanyon is in a state of disbelief. In the end, Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll are dead and Dr. Jekyll could have had a discovery of a lifetime.