Dr. Jack Kevorkian - Mercy killings/ Euthanasia

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian - Mercy killings/ Euthanasia


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Dr. Jack KevorkianMercy killings/Euthanasia

This is Jack with his first suicide machine.The machine cost him $45 to build

Dr.Kevorkian later in his life. Jsck was no longer preforming assisted suicides. I used it to show how he was happy

Dr. Death, was born onMay 26, 1928 in Pontiac,Michigan. He graduated in1952 and assisted his firstsuicide in 1989. HIs first terminally ill paitent was Janet Adkinswho was also the first to use hisdeath machine.The machine he constructed was made to mimic a lethal injection.Three bottles were suspended to a metal frame. The first bottle contained a simple saline solution, the second a painkiller, thiopental, and the third potassium chloride. Dr. Kevorkian would put the iv in the paitent, but the paitent would be the one to push a button that would release the lethal injection.Dr. Jack Kevorkian assisted an estimated 130 suicides for tterminally and chronically ill patients between 1990-1999. He wanted to allow them to die with dignity. Doing this he went against the doctors oath saying they wont give a deadly drug if asked or will suggest it to their patients.While Michigan was trying to make a law in which would make Kevorkian's suicide machine illegal, he continued to assist suiced even after his license had beem revoked. Since his license was taken, he had to change his method and make a new machine that would allow the patient to wear a mask and inhale carbon monoxide rather than lethal injection. (Dr. Kevorkian had been charger with violating Michigan's assisted suicides ban in 1993, stood trial twice in 1996, and was finally sentenced to 25 years in prison.Jack only served 8 years of his 25 year sentence after he promised to never assist another suicide. He still went and gave speeches about legalizing assisted suicides. Much controversy surrouned his actions and it increase public awareness to the topis This assicted suicide is sometimes also called active euthanasia, which is when the patient asks death by lethal injection. This process is only legal in Oregon as of now, but has regulations that only allow certain terminally ill patient to choose this death.The goverment is interested in peserving life, preventing suice, to protect the integrity of medical professionals, and to avoid future movements of euthanasian. They want to stop drug abuse. But some people still would ingest Pentobarbital or Secobarbitalwhich would cause death anywhere from 5 minutes to 31 hours after ingesting the substances

Jack was arrested for multiplecharges and was sentencedto 25 years in prison.But he only served 8 of his 25 years

Even after having his license revokedand serving his prison time of 8 years,he went around and gave speeches.He wanted to spread information aboutassisted suicide, and the right to die still.


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