Dr Frederick Grant Banting

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Dr Frederick Grant Banting

Born; November 14th 1891 in Alliston, ON.Died; February 21st 1941 in Newfoundland.

Dr Frederick Grant Banting

I discovered Insulin and have saved many lives, I continue saving them today!

- Served in the Military as a Surgeon and Pilot.- Father doubted his career decisions. - Failed his first year of college.- Tested his first batch of crude Insulin on himself.- Nobel Prize in Medicine, he shared it with his partner.- No backround in Medicine.

Quick Facts

"No one has ever had an idea in a dress suit"

Frederick Banting's heroism is very close to me becuase I am very close with people who suffer from diabetes, and if it weren't for his discovery their lives would be very difficult if at all possible.

Alec McGhee


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