DR Congo

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DR Congo

Movement-They use trucks but there kinda like cart like what people who golf use to get around in the golf court.

HDI-0.338GDP per capita $400Litcery Rate 77/57location-Central SubSaharan Africa , SDouth atlantic ocean2.8800S23.6560E - ... - ...


They Usually eat beans,corn,greens,and more stuff just like we usually do so kinda of the same foods

On Child rights kids age 13 have to get married the legal age they have to be married is under 18 years old.

The Population is 70,406,033 millionThe populationof congo is estimated at 60,360,118 as of July,1,2014The congo ranks are 19The population density in congo is 30 people per KM236% of the population is urbanThe median age in congo is 17.4 years old

Physciacl Place-with one of the largest populations in africa spread across a huge area.Human Features-There are some things which bring people togther.

There Goverment is Semi-Presidential republic

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Current events-A UN report in 2001 showed that 6,000 people per day, or over 2 million per year, are dying as a result unhealthy water onditions.

The President of DR Congo His Name is Joseph Kabila

HEI-covering 234 million square km's in the centre of the continent, the Dem, rep of the Congo is the second largest country in Africa and the 12th largest in the world


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