Dr.Charles Drew

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Dr.Charles Drew

Dr. Charles Drew

Charles Drew was a star athlete during his high school and early college years. By the time he graduated from Amherst University in Massachusetts he decided to go to a medical school. And then he became a medical researcher and researched in the field of blood transfusions.

During the World War II Drew was part of ''Blood for Britain''. He organized the collection and processing of blood plasma from New York, and sent then overseas to treat soldiers injured. He also worked with the Red Cross to create a Blood Bank to be used for U.S military.

One of his challenges was racism Charles quit the blood plasma program after a decision that the blood of African american and whites would be seperated. Another challenge was that he didn't have enough money to pay for Medical School. When he did go to Medical school he wasn't allowed to go in the U.S because he was African American. So he whent to McGill University in Montreal, Canada

What I learned about him is that it is better to be successful than a failure. Also he was an educated man and respectable. I learned how he did well in his career and was successful. He had an education like everyone wants. I learned that to be successful we have to have an education.

Drew received his doctorate degree in 1940. He became the first African American to earn this degree from Columbia. Also he was the first African American examiner for the American Board of surgery.

Drew created a way to process and preserve blood plasma, or blood without cells. Plasma last longer than whole blood, so it can be kept for longer periods of time.


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