Dr. Albert Einstein

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Dr. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879. As a young boy he was fascinated by compasses and knew there was much to just a needle pointing. He was slow at speaking and was known to have autism and ADHD. He went to get his college degree in Physics at Zuri. He taught in many colleges around Europe.Albert married a women called Maric and had two sons named Hans and Eduard. In his spare time he started his invention on the nature of energy E=mc2 and his energy efficient absorption. He later won a Noble Prize for Physics. Einstein moved to the U.S. in New Jersey in 1940. April of 1955 Albert died at the age of 76 from iternal bleeding.


1900 - E=mc21921- Noble Prize 1926- Refriderator1932 - Moved to U.S.1940 - U.S. citizen1946 - Formed the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists

Einstein invented the energy efficient absorption refidgeration, which became our refridgerator.He also invented the formula E=mc2 (nature of energy), that light ejects electrons from metal.Albert won a Noble Prize in 1921 for Physics for photoelectric effects.

Lasting Impact

Albert Einstein impacted the way we see the universe!

Albert Einstein





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