DPS market research

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DPS market research

DPS Market Research

In the written interviews i have looked at 'Florence & The Machine' in NME and they talked about what was relevent to what was happening now, career wise and reminicing a little of what 'Florence' has already achieved. I really like how there was questions that were aimed at the emotional side of coming back as well.Another written interview I looked at was 'Davey Havok' in Kerrang music magazine. His interview was different to 'Florence' as although there was talk about what he has just done or is doing musicaly like finishing his tour, there was also questions that looked at his style fashion wise too. What I found out from both of them is that they both talk about their music career and were there at now, what they might do in the future as well as who was their influence music wise. Though they both add a personal element by either talking about their feelings or their style.

In the 'Ellie Goulding' interview she talks about what she has done recently who she has worked with to create her music videos and talks a little about how she rose in popularity as well.Although in the 'Brandon Flowers' interview representing the band 'The killers' He talks about how he got to where he is, who inspired him growing up and what he hopes to see/ acheive in the future. With the video interviews they still do talk about their music, mostly a little in depth detail about their recent and most latest music videos and a proformances as well. However like the written interview their is a personal element like when they talk about their hopes and dreams, to their facial expression while reminicing. I think thats really important to see or to empthesis their feelings as it shows the more relatable side to their fans as a part of fan service.


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