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By: Rachel A.

- People with Down Syndrome are usually shorter than the average human.- There muscles are weaker.- Children who are born with Down Syndrome usually have heart, insteine, and ear problems.- Hearing problems are the cause of the regular ear infections. - People will also have short and stocky legs and arms.- Down Syndrome children normally have short attention spans and learn a little slower.- Kids with Down Syndrome have smaller facial features.


There is no possible cure yet. Scientists have developed ways to prevent the child from developing down syndrome early on in pregnancy.

In 1862 English physician John Langdon Down first characterized Down syndrome as a distinct form of mental disability. HeBy the 20th century, Down syndrome had become the most recognizable form of mental disability.

Trisomy 21 is a chromosomal disorder in which physical structure and limited pyscological ability are present. Instead of being born with 46 chromosomes, children with down syndrome are born with 47.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is caused by an error in cell division. This results in an extra chromesome. So instead of having 46 chromesomes children with Down Syndrome have 47.

The Cause

In the future I see a better treatment or even a cure for children and adults with Down Syndrome. Having this disorder makes things very difficult. People with Down Syndrome have a harder time learning, dont developement at the rate an average child would, and they even have to suffer from some of the birth defects. Such as heart, ear, and gastrointestional problems.

I would not be upset if my child did had a genetic disorder like this one because they are basically the same as us. They are no different. I would make them feel like they are just like everyone else.

The Future

Is there a cure?

Instead of having 2 chromosomes for every pair, one of them has 3. This is where the 47th chromosome comes from.

How Down Syndrome Started

John Langdon Down


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