Down´s Syndrome

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Down´s Syndrome

Down's Syndrome Chromosome 21 is the main cause of the syndrome. The formation of chromosome 21 is formed when the mothers egg doesn't develop correctly which only happens 90% of the time and 4% of the time is when the sperm from the father doesn't develop correctly as well the other 6% just happend by random selection. ("What is Down's Syndrome?")

There is no treatment for Down Syndrome Disease. There is many different types of therapies to help them adjust what they are living too.


What is it?

Down's Syndrome

There is no real prevention other than if you are an older woman who is pregnant consult your doctor to see what things you can do to try best and prevent down syndrome as much as possible.



Glog by: Sonia Guadalupe Martinez

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Some of the symptoms are Heart Disease,Vision Problems, Hearing Problems. sometimes result in not being able to pay attention.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra”.

In the United States 681 babies are accounted for to be born with Downs syndrome. Roughly 6,000 babies a year a born with it.



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